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As a graduate of Training-Verse you will obtain:

  • Improve managerial and leadership skills.

  • Increase the productivity of your business and collaborators.

  • Nourish innovation to your organization.

  • Motivate any team.

  • Change the culture and guide people in the change.

  • Increase happiness at work by creating an environment of psychological safety.

  • Be a more effective agile agent.

  • Official Certification with international curricular value whose validity does not expire.

  • Official Digital Badge.

  • Case Study during the course in which we apply the knowledge acquired.

  • Possibility of obtaining extra material (Takeaways) according to your participation and contributions in the dynamics.

  • Participant Material (includes tools and practices that are immediately applicable).

  • Professional Development Units (PDU's) and Scrum Education Units (Scrum Alliance) if you wish.

  • You can retake the course or a module later in an open Workshop.

  • Access to the Training-Verse Membership with the following benefits: Loyalty Program (Training-Chips), Exclusive Community, Personalized Advice, Accompaniment for the implementation of internships in real working life.



Develop a model of knowledge of our clients to provide them with significant and tailored content with the most innovative training methodologies.


To become the largest provider of training in modern leadership, talent management and development.

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